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What is Instant Rewards

Instant Rewards Overview Video!

What Is Instant Rewards Network?

What is Instant Rewards? A top US lead marketing company, Instant Rewards Network works with Fortune 500 companies like Dish Network, Netflix, BlockBuster, Walmart, creditreport.com etc to bring in fresh customers. In today's world where internet and social networks dominate, many big brand established companies are losing advertising dollars focusing solely on traditional TV and radio ads. Of course these mediums are still very popular but with the advent of dvr technology, many people choose to simply fast forward past million dollar commercials, and with satellite radio there may be no commercials at all. These companies are well aware that a majority of people nowadays spend a lot of there spare time on the internet and social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc connecting with their friends, making new friends and sharing information. 

Here is where you and Instant Rewards come in! These big name companies are starting to realize that the most cost effective way to market in this new age is referral marketing or network marketing. They know that you refer people to things everyday anyway, whether it be a movie or restaurant, they are willing to pay consumers like you to refer business to them for completing trial offers. On our starter site, just for referring someone to complete a onetime 1 credit offer, which can range from free to $1 you will earn $20!

 Making money online can be confusing at first, Instant Rewards is the easiest and fastest way to earn money online today! Many new members make money online within their first 24 hours, all you have to do is consistently get the word out! Make up to hundreds a day referring people to big name companies! Since 2009 Instant Rewards had paid out millions to our members! Instant Rewards is 100% FREE to join and is open to residents of the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. Instant Rewards Network gives you a FREE marketing site and a Free training site! Instant Rewards is user friendly & converts much better than other programs like ZNZ. There is no limit on how many daily referrals you can make or how many times you can be paid a daily!

How Does Instant Rewards Work

Instant Rewards Network is FREE, no startup fee, or monthly membership fees. All you need to do to be eligible to be paid for referrals is complete a onetime, 1.0 credit trial offer with a fortune 500 company, which may range from free-$2. For example, if you complete Myscore.com (.50 credit-FREE) & Disney Movie Club (.55 credit-$1.99), then you have completed your 1 credit requirement! After you have completed your required 1 credit you are eligible to be paid out for referrals that you make for life! You can market online on social sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc), your own personal website or blogs, business cards, email, flyers, word of mouth, anyway that you chose! When you join our Instant Rewards team you will receive top sponsor training to guarantee your success! See further down for our step by step guide on how to get started with Instant Rewards!


Instant Rewards Referral Compensation Structure:


They Pay $1 You Get $20!

1 referral a day = $20

2 referrals a day = $40

3 referrals a day = $60

4 referrals a day = $80

5 referrals a day = $100

You also receive a 5% Down line bonus when your referrals make referrals!

Make an unlimited number of referrals!
*After a referral has completed their offer requirements, you can request your order ($20). Instant Rewards pays out daily via PayPal or Bank Check. If you request to be paid via PayPal, payment is usually sent immediately but may take up to 24 hours. Bank checks typically arrive within 3 to 5 business days.

How To Join Instant Rewards

We've made this as easy as possible step by step (PLEASE READ THIS SECTION THOROUGHLY)

Step 1: Visit Instant Rewards Starter, or visit Instant Rewards-Network (recommended) to setup your FREE IRN marketing capture page site and Instant Rewards membership in one shot.

Step 2: On Instant Rewards-Network, you will watch the short overview video and enroll as an Instant Rewards referral agent by completing the free registration, including your name (be sure to use your full name so you can be paid properly), email address and the method in which you would like to be paid, via PayPal or checking. *Be sure to read the FAQ

Step 3: (REQUIRED) For both sites, you will need to complete an offer(s) with a company that equals 1.00 credit. The easiest offer(s) currently on the offer page to meet your requirement are with Myscore.com (.50 credit-FREE), Cinematrix (.35 credit-FREE), GameFly (.30 credit-FREE). Others include Videostripe (.35 credit-$1), ProbioSlim (.75 credit-$3.17),  ProtectMyId (.30 credit-$1), FreeCreditScore.com (.30 credit-FREE), Disney Movie Club (.55 credit-$1.99) etc, (offers are subject to change). Do any combination of offer(s) to equal 1 credit, you should not have to spend more than $1. Look around, there are a lot of free/cheap and easy offers! This makes you eligible to be paid out for any referrals you make! You must complete an offer(s) that equals one credit to be paid out for others that you refer (for best results use the Firefox browser). You can cancel a trial within the trial period (usually five days) without being charged anything! After your 1 credit is completed, there is nothing else to do or pay, you are eligible to be paid for your referrals for life! 

 *If doing an offer that requires one, be sure to use a valid cc or debit card, to prevent fraud no prepaid cards. Your card will not be charged with any company that you do a trial with as long as you cancel before the trial ending period.

Step 4: Go back to instantrewardsnetwork.com, or starter.instantrewards.net and login with the info you provided, and use the instantrewardsnetwork.com marketing system to Refer Others To Do The Same & Get Paid $20 Per Person Daily! Remember that starter.instantrewards.net is the main site, instantrewardsnetwork.com is the FREE marketing system that does all the explaining for you! Make sure you include your username at the end ex: instantrewardsnetwork.com/newmember347 or if you wish to send people straight to your affiliate link,ex: www.starter.instantrewards.net/index.php?ref=394763

Do this every day and you can make hundreds everyday! If you need help knowing what to do next, please join our Facebook group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/instantrewards/ and new training sites http://imnmarketer.com, or http://www.gettrainingnow.com. If you need any assistance let me know. For proof pictures to show others, visit our group https://www.facebook.com/groups/irproofpics/

*Be sure not to refer someone using the same internet connection or computer as you. For more information, see our FAQ page.

For more detailed help setting up your system, visit


Our PayPal site pays $40 per referral! Visit

Getting Started Earning Today With Instant Rewards!

Here is an example of how you can start promoting Instant Rewards Network right away on Facebook and make money the same day! There are many ways to get the word out, there's Craigslist,YouTube, Instagram, or simply word of mouth or texting a friend. But the easiest most effective FREE way to earn your first payments after meeting your 1 credit requirement is simply posting a Facebook status on your personal page or in groups.

Here is a sample ad to post on FB to get started:

Interested in learning how you can earn on FB? Add and PM me for details!!

Include a pic from the gallery above in your post or from the ir proof pic fb group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/irproofpics ) until your can show your own proof, and when referrals inbox you get there email so that you can send them to your instantrewardsnetwork.com link, remember to include the username at the end ex: http://instantrewardsnetwork.com/newmember347. After you email them your link (Facebook may block it so better to email) you can send them these directions or explain to them in your own words to complete the same process you did. Then you just order your payment, it's that simple! 

Do this consistently and you can make up to hundreds a day consistently, seriously! After you complete your 1 credit, test it out with a friend using a different computer and internet connection to see and get familiar with the process.


* You must complete you 1 credit requirement before you can be paid for the referrals you make.


* You must email, fax or mail in a w9 after you have earned $600 with Instant Rewards.


* To be sure that your offer credits, it is suggested that you complete you offer(s) on a PC on the Firefox browser. Be sure that your browser is set to accept cookies.


* Be sure to keep track of your chosen offers trial period, so that you may cancel on time and not be charged if you no longer wish to continue with it.


* If you wish to be paid the same day that your referral converts, you will need to have or create a PayPal account, if not you will be mailed a check in 3-4 business days.


* Be sure not to create multiple accounts, to prevent fraud. Multiple accounts will result in a hold being placed on all associated accounts.


* Instant Rewards is open to those 17 and up in the US, UK, Australia and Canada.


* For most offers you may need a cc or bank issued debit/check card, prepaid card will not credit to prevent fraud.


* If you upgrade your account to another Instant Rewards site to receive a bigger commission per referral ($40, $60) you will need to complete an offer(s) that amounts to 1 credit on those sites as well before you can be paid.


This is the IRN marketing capture page system, where you register for Instant Rewards and also the FREE system you use to market and refer others! Setup your IRN marketing. Use fully accurate info & do not create multiple accounts) *Your username is part of your marketing link, so choose wisely.

This is where you pick an offer equal to one credit, such as creditreport.com to complete. Once you complete a 1 credit offer you will be eligible to be paid for referring others! Choose from the offer wall one or more free or cheap offers to meet your requirements.

This is the main IR site, where you choose how you want to be paid by Instant Rewards, via bank check (arrives in 3 to 5 business days), PayPal (instantly) or a custom reward

Instant Rewards Pays Daily!


Once you have completed your required 1 credit offer, you will receive my expert Instant Rewards marketing training email, including...

Facebook is one of the top three trafficked websites in the world. It is also a a great FREE marketing platform, many Instant Rewards reps makes thousands weekly just marketing on Facebook, you may have even first heard of Instant Rewards through Facebook.

People want to see that there's a real person making money not just an ad. A presence on YouTube, the most trafficked video sharing site in the work is essential for serious marketers.

The number one classified site in the world! The job section and the financial services section are lead goldmines. *Our team members get extensive Craigslist training with proven top converting ads and methods to get your ads to stick every time when you become a member through this website.

Postcard marketing can be a very effective offline marketing tool. An attractive targeted postcard campaign, done consistently every week will bring in tons of fresh new leads. A good postcard should have a colorful back to stand out, have a bold attention grabbing headline, and include your website and email or phone number. Other effective offline marketing methods include door hangers, car magnets, brochures, business cards and of course flyers.

Print media-
Newspaper advertising may be one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your site or landing page, and it is also a segment that is often overlooked by online marketers making it wide open. *Our team members get access to insider newspaper ad networks that can get you millions of eyeballs a week for at low cost! Paid Ads/PPC/PPV/Website Seo- This is the best type of traffic to have because this traffic is looking for you! *Our team members have access to insider underground marketer friendly online ad networks that bring in tons of targeted traffic for fractions of a penny per person, these are the methods the guru’s use and don’t share!

Paid Ads/PPC/PPV/Website Seo-
This is the best type of traffic to have because this traffic is looking for you! *Our team members have access to insider underground marketer friendly online ad networks that bring in tons of targeted traffic for fractions of a penny per person, these are the methods the guru's use and don't share!


Contact Us

For technical support you can email us at: support@instantrewards.net. For questions about how to get started with Instant Rewards you can email oscar@instantrewardscareers.com or fill out the form below, or call or text Oscar @ 646-543-0521.

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